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In an effort to serve you better, we’ve digitized all of our patients’ medical and dental records and stored them securely at our office. This allows us to process your insurance claims as quickly as possible, while also reducing our carbon footprint. It also means that you’ll have quick and easy access to your records so that you can be an active participant in your own treatment and care. Best of all? No more filling out lengthy forms!

And speaking of forms….

In order to ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible, we invite you to download and fill out the following forms before your first visit. You can either print them and bring them in, or email them to  

That being said, if you would like to proceed with paper billing, our friendly staff will happily assist you in getting set up.




In order to ensure that you always receive the highest quality treatment, payment is due at the time of your visit to help maintain our standards of excellence. We accept payment from most insurance plans, along with cash, cheque, Mastercard/Visa and debit.


If you’re covered by a dental insurance plan, we’ll gladly file your insurance forms for you, with the request to have your benefits assigned to us. If you are responsible for co-payment or a deductible, we require payment for your portion at time of treatment.​

Hwy7 Family Dentistry | Markham | Ontario

Financing​ Options

Patients receiving extended treatment protocols will be given a payment plan option at the time of consultation.​



Dental plans are designed to assist patients with their treatment. That being said, not all dental treatments are eligible for full reimbursement. Remember, you’re a partner in your oral health! All treatment and care decisions are made by you and your dental professional based on your actual needs, which may or may not align with your dental plan coverage. If you are using your coverage for a visit with us, please provide our office with your group and identification number as well as information with respect to limits and your benefit coverage.


We will provide you with information on available treatment options, appropriate to address your dental care needs, regardless of the nature and extent of your dental plan coverage. In addition, we will assist you by supplying information required to enable you to receive benefits to which you may be entitled under your dental plan.​


Sometimes additional information may be requested by your plan administrator in order to ensure that the treatment is covered by your plan. In such cases the plan administrator will write you a letter to ask you to obtain the information from your dentist. We will supply you with any information you request.​


Many dental insurance companies will only provide those covered under the plan with information regarding specific coverage details as a result of “The Privacy Act” in Canada. Therefore, we suggest that the primary plan member acquire plan coverage information before you visit our office.​

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